The Wine Opener

The unique wine opener from BARVIVO is handmade and made of the most sturdy stainless steel and the finest rosewood. With the total weight of 4.1oz it’s well balanced and ensure a perfectly firm grip when opening any kind of bottles (Beverage cans, bottles with caps and  wine bottles).

In order to achieve the highest satisfaction when opening a great bottle of wine, it’s important that the wine opener offers high comfort and functionality. This is why the wine opener from BARVIVO is designed as a All-In-One wine opener, with the 3 tools needed to open any kind of bottle.

The foil cutter is serrated, which will ease the process of removing the foil around the wine bottle neck.
This wine opener have a specially made double corkscrew, which ensure that it can open both synthetic and regular cork props with ease and no corks will be crumbling because of the corkscrew.

The two stage double hinge makes sure that you’ll be able to pull out even the longest corks without a problem.

As a small bonus feature the wine opener is designed to contain a bottle opener and a beverage can opener, so no matter what kind of beverage you choose you’ll be able to use your wine opener from BARVIVO.

Choose the highest quality today and enjoy your brand new wine opener from BARVIVO tomorrow.

“Your Choice Matters”

If you’ve any questions regarding the wine opener, please don’t hessitate to contact us.

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Customer Reviews

Premium Wine Bottle Opener

By RD on July 19, 2015

The Barvivo Double Screwpull Wine Bottle Opener makes it very easy for anyone to open a bottle of wine. This bottle opener is has a wooden handle for a good and firm grip. The stainless steel worm is sharp and easily pierces the cork and does not break it. Pulling the cork out is also very easy. The wine bottle opener is easy to carry around and fits perfectly in pockets too.

The wine bottle opener also comes with a serrated foil cutter to help cut the foil easily. The shape of the wine bottle opener is unique and elegant but also becomes a built-in bottle cap opener. I really like the finish and quality of the opener, very strong and durable. the wine bottle opener is well made from good quality materials and will last a lifetime.

I’m very happy with the BarVivo Double Screwpull Wine Bottle Opener. I would definitely recommend and would purchase it again.

Very attractive, has a ton of features, and will probably last a lifetime!

By Mcl on October 30, 2015

This is like a piece of artwork. It feels heavy, well-made, and just looks better than any of the other wine openers that I’ve seen. Here are some of the things that make this wine opener the best.

Interesting features/pros:

  • a metal, beveled edge
  • a rounded, streamlined top that gives this a sleek, modern, expensive look
  • the opener looks wider on one end and gradually gets narrower until it comes to a point
  • it has a beautiful,rosewood handle that makes it look classy
  • the foil cutter has ridges in it
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  • the wine opener has a divot in the center which allows a firm,secure grip in the corkscrew.
  • the metal grip has a diamond-shaped embossing on it tha gives it a sophisticated, complex look
  • the metal grip presses inward, making your wine-opening experience easy and smooth.

Cons: none

This would make a great gift and it is extremely attractive. There are so many features about this that makes it so unique and top-of-the-line. It probably is the only wine opener you will need in your lifetime. I highly recommend it.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Truly a stunning piece. – Barvivio’s Screwpull Wine Bottle Opener.

By Carol S. TOP 500 REVIEWER on July 20, 2015

This is a gorgeous piece. You can feel like a super ninja. If one fell swoop, you have every tool needed to prepare any bottle of wine, and with style. I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Barvivio’s Screwpull Wine Bottle Opener in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This beautiful gift arrives as shown.
I love how the wood plays off the metal. I have wood workers in my home, and I really appreciate the look. The metal pins are smooth and unnoticeable if you run your fingers across them. The metal used in this opener is 420 stainless steel. No worries of rust with this piece. It is also thick, and very sturdy. The foil cutter is sharp, curved and works perfectly. It was made to help with all sized wine corks. Occasionally you’ll get the extra long ones, and they can be hard to get. The wood used is Rosewood. It is just so pretty. I love the tone in it. It also helps you have a great grip when in use. This unit was made really well with impeccable quality. You can literally throw it in your pocket and use it on the job, take it to parties, to a wedding or on a picnic. It is even a great hostess present with a bottle of wine. It is truly a stunning and great working wine opener. Non of my others like this one have had the built in foil cutters. That makes it even more special. I am very comfortable in recommending this product.