The Wine Glasses

This set of wine glasses contains 4 wine glasses and 4 coasters. The design of the wine glasses is leaning towards what you would expect from a crystal wine glass while being made of plastic. The way the imitate the crystal glasses is by being crystal clear in the material while having a thin wall and a thin rim.

These wine glasses are ideal for outside use, could be when you’re camping, at the beach, on your boat or around your pool area. Since they are made of a special type of plastic they are totally shatterproof and you won’t have to worry about shattered glass in your pool or similar.

The special plastic material the glasses are made of is called tritan plastic, which is produced US, this material ensures extremely high durability and makes the wine glasses shatterproof because of the flexibility the material offers.

Choose the highest quality today and enjoy your brand new wine glasses and coaster set from BARVIVO tomorrow.

“Your Choice Matters”

If you’ve any questions regarding the drink muddler, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Customer Reviews

A Funny Story of How I Discovered BARVIVO

By Jimmy Kim on February 8, 2016

I’m addicted to the sea and I live on my boat when I’m not out sailing for the container shipping company ‘Maersk’. After being a sailor for 20 years I appreciate great plastic glasses, as they rarely breaks and can handle quite a lot pressure compared to normal glasses. During my last route between China and USA I noticed a container with the company name BARVIVO on it and chose to look it up as I’ve never seen this company name before on a container. I noticed it was a brand new brand from Denmark, selling bar and wine accessories, they had just launched a new product (These wine glasses) and I was pretty sure the container was containing these wine glasses.
When I came home and was on vacation at my kids resident during the start of January I thought it would be funny to buy a few sets of these wine glasses to my whole crew as a special gift, because we had been transporting these wine glasses to the US. Our next route goes out tomorrow, I have just given every crew member a set and they all loves that it’s a Danish design / quality, made in China & sold in US. I will enjoy my new glasses and coaster for a long time, that is for sure and thanks to BARVIVO for creating such a memorable story, I wish you guys all the best.

Bought 1 set and then I bought 4 more + Extras

By Amazon Customer on February 8, 2016

I Love buying stuff from Amazon, but it’s so rare to actually find great quality products and great customer service nowadays. When I first bought these wine glasses I was really sceptical about the quality and service, but when they arrived at my house I was amazed about the glasses and coasters quality. It is actually Danish quality & design as advertised and they look just like real crystal glass but are lighter than crystal glasses. My favorite part of receiving these amazing wine glasses was the excellent customer service, two young brothers from Denmark personally followed-up with the order, asked if I had received the glasses & coasters, shared a few tips & FAQs about the products, later on they wrote again and asked if I was enjoying my products and wanted my opinion of the service and products they have provided, because as they say “Your Opinion Matters” how amazing is that?! Finding a brand like this is golden and truly valuable. I’ve already bought 4 more sets, a wine opener and a drink muddler just from this brand and I’m really looking forward to receive these within a few days. My ratings of this brand is +++AAAAAA, I’ve become a loyal customer to Barvivo and I wish the two guys behind this brand all the best, if they stay on track they will end up with one of the greatest brands in no time! I Highly Recommend Their Products to Anyone, Definitely Their Tritan Wine Glasses!

Best Drinking glasses we have ever tried

By LC 4 AZON on February 13, 2016

We are a family of 6 and we have always had problems with having enough glasses, as they break over time. I never thought plastic glasses would be just as good as normal glasses and therefore never bought any. But the other day our neighbors invited us over for dinner and showed us these plastic glasses and I tried them. Let me put it like this…I bought 4 sets directly from my phone during the dinner, not because it was boring, but because the glasses were amazing! The light weight is perfect for our 4 kids and it makes it easier for me and my husband to control the glasses when holding it and the best part is they’re shatterproof, how awesome is that?! What’s cool is that they also come with 4 coasters per set, 1 for each glass. Perfect idea, truly makes the buy worth so much more! I would pay the price just for the glasses even if the coasters wasn’t a part of the purchase but they are so it’s almost like a free gift.

Whenever we are in need of drinking glasses again, we’ll purchase them from Barvivo. These glasses will last a long time and it’s an amazing deal. Highly recommended! 5 Stars!