barvivo corkscrew on a silver plate with wine

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Barvivo, a Denmark company, which is venturing into the U.S. market,
recently announced the upcoming launch of its Barvivo Wine Operner/Cork Screw. The date that the wine opener will be introduced has yet to be determined.

One of the co-founders of Barvivo, Martin Sparsø said, “We are proud to announce the release of our brand new Wine Opener. We believe the product will be a nice complement to the Barvivo Drink Muddler we already have featured on” He said that anyone interested in looking at a preview listing of the Wine Opener can view the product via the product’s link on

The small yet functional Wine Opener/Cork Screw features a handmade design and can be used as an opener for a beer bottle or can or be employed as a wine opener/corkscrew with foil cutter. The product is suggested for use by anyone who enjoys and appreciates fine wines.

The wine opener that is being offered by Barvivo can be likened to a Swiss Army knife. Also known as a wine key, the product comes with a worm or corkscrew of the highest quality. The foil cutter knife on the product is sharp but not too long for controlled cutting. The lever arm of the product fits secure and stable on the lip of the wine bottle. The wine key by Barvivo is designed so it can be used comfortably without the need for the support of a table.

The Barvivo Company was established by Martin and Philip Sparsø, who are both two young entrepreneurs (21 and 26 years old). Both brothers have used their love of design and product development to establish a company whose primary purpose is to provide handy and innovative bar and drink accessories to the public at an affordable price.


Barvivo strives to provide customers with the best products to create memorable parties and get togethers with friends and family.