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Since the launch of its wine opener/cork screw in the marketplace, Barvivo, which is a Denmark based company, has seen a good response from wine aficionados who have used the  product to open wines at taste-testing events and restaurants on their food-and-wine related travels.

A spokesperson for Barvivo said that the wine novelty product is just as well-received as the company’s drink muddler, which is listed on the website. Just like the wine opener/cork screw, which is the latest of the company’s drink-associated novelty products, the drink muddler has received a good response from customers who use the product to mix libations and non-alcoholic drinks. The recent Prime Amazon sale on July 15, 2015 proved that the drink muddler continues to be a number one seller on the Amazon site and on the online marketplace.

The company expects the same type of acclaim for its wine opener/cork screw drinking novelty and accessory.  The functional wine operner and cork screw is a handy wine opening device that also opens beer cans and beer bottles.  Foodies who enjoy attending wine tasting events or Okoberfest activities often like to take this premium-grade corkscrew wine and beer opener along with them to the events.

The wine key, which is now considered a must-have accessory by wine aficionados, is often used on day trips to such places as the Napa Valley in California, which offers a tour of the valley by train, Willamette Valley, Oregon, Finger Lakes, New York and Paso Robles in California. In Paso Robles, users of the wine key can utilize the implement at one of 170 wineries. The central California community of Pasos Robles has been growing grapes from wine since 1797 and features 26,000 acres of vineyards.

Barvivo says the wine opener/cork screw accessory can be currently seen on the site link.

The newly featured product showcases a design that is handmade and easy to use. The user does not need any additional support, such as a table, when opening a wine bottle or a bottle of ale.

The Barvivo Company was established by Martin and Philip Sparsø, who are both two young entrepreneurs (21 and 26 years old). Both brothers have used their love of design and product development to establish a company whose primary purpose is to provide handy and innovative bar and drink accessories to the public at an affordable price.


Barvivo strives to provide customers with the best products to create memorable parties and get togethers with friends and family.

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