martin from barvivo preparing a mojito

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Based out of Denmark and making headways into cocktail parties in the U.S., the Barvivo brand has just launched its first product, the upscale, premium Drink Muddler cocktail accessory. According to the company, the food-grade 304 stainless steel Drink Muddler features a grooved head which enhances the flavors of drinks and protects glassware at the same time.

In addition to muddling mixed drinks, the Drink Muddler by Barvivo can also be used for creating muddled fruit, guacamole dip for chips and other recipes that need a bit of muddling and mixing. Because the Drink Muddler by Barvivo is made of stainless steel, drinks remain free of the taste that can remain when muddlers are made of wood. The manufacturer claims that flavors from spices, herbs or fruits are enhanced when the mixing tool is used.

With the launch of the Barvivo Drink Muddler, the company is offering the new product at a sale price on of $10.95. (The regular list price is $29.95). Amazon offers free shipping for orders over $35.00.

The co-founders of Barvivo, Martin and Philip Sparsø, are excited about the new product launch. According to Philip Sparsø, this initial product introduction is Barvivo’s first foray into the U.S. marketplace. He said that the launch is bringing Barvivo one step closer to achieving its dream of providing a premium product line that consumers can appreciate and afford. Besides reviewing the Drink Muddler on the site, he invites consumers to review information about the product on the Barvivo site as well.

The Drink Muddler has inspired a host of 5-star comments from consumers who have tried and tested the product so far. One customer commented that the best feature of the Muddler was its ability to protect glassware. He said, “When I use the muddler, I don’t really care about the glass, so many of my glasses have scratches. Using this muddler, I don’t even need to think about it!”


Barvivo strives to provide customers with the best products to create memorable parties and get togethers with friends and family.