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The name Barvivo® is a well-known Internet brand that features bar novelties and accessories in its line-up and projected product plans. The company’s current project, recently launched on the Kickstarter website, is requesting that contributors fund their next bar gadget and accessory. The company has already received an excellent response from the introduction of two bar accessory products on the Amazon website.

The brand, Barvivo®, was created to design products that would assist in making gatherings and parties more memorable. Since the beginning of the company, just 3 months ago, the founders of the firm, Martin and Philip Sparsø, have experienced a great deal of interest generated in their Drink Muddler and Wine Opener products. The 2 private-labeled items are currently high-demand items on the Internet.

The founding brothers of the company, aged 21 and 26 years old, have always had an interest in design and in being entrepreneurs. Because of the current state of the economy, the Sparsøs admit that most of their revenue is tied up in securing the needed inventory to meet high consumer demands. They also wish to secure funding to further develop their unique and practical product line. Therefore, two young entrepreneurs are featuring their funding project on the Kickstarter site in order to keep their already thriving business operational.

Currently, the two brothers have secured $294 U.S. in funds. Therefore, their “kickstarter” efforts are off to a good start. The Drink Muddler that the company features on and on the company website is unique as it does not scratch glassware and can also be used for mixing dips and sauces. Philip Sparsø says that the Muddler is made to extract distinct flavorings in mixed drinks. He added that the grooved durable plastic head of the Muddler ensures that flavors will be all the more distinct after a drink is mixed.

Sparsø added, “We have used [the muddler] to mash [a variety of] ingredients, such as avocados [and] bananas. Besides being made of hardened plastic, the muddler is also made of stainless steel type 320 18/10 – a metal that provides insurance against corrosion.” He said that Barvivo® features a video on YouTube which shows how the Drink Muddler can be used.

The wine opener, featured by Barvivo, can open wine bottles as well as remove the foil from the bottles. The bar gadget and accessory is designed to open beer bottles too. The brothers said they have only received positive feedback from customers thus far.


Barvivo strives to provide customers with the best products to create memorable parties and get togethers with friends and family.