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When the brothers, Martin and Philip Sparsø set out to introduce products to the marketplace, they felt their premium Barvivo Drink Muddler would be a popular product. The two young entrepreneurs (aged 21 and 26) were not wrong as the Drink Muddler, featured by the brothers’ company, Barvivo, is the number one new release of drink muddlers online.

Martin Sparsø, one of the founders, recently commented on the news. He said, When my brother Philip and I introduced the Barvivo drink muddler to the marketplace and launched the product on Amazon.com, we felt the product would do well for the company with respect to sales and revenue growth. Therefore, we are very pleased about the recent news about the product’s number one status in the marketplace.”

Sparsø said that the drink muddler was a useful tool, especially today when veggie drinks are trending. He said, “People want a muddler that will optimally mix their drinks so there is no remaining residue. Our drink muddler product is designed so no residue remains and the true flavor of a drink remains.” He added that his company’s Drink Muddler regularly received five-star reviews. Therefore, he was not totally surprised by the recent announcement about the product’s number one standing among new releases.

One of the veggie drinks that can be mixed with Barvivo’s Drink Muddler is called the Shiso Fine. The vegetable cocktail combines shiso leaves (which are Asian herbs), juiced celery, cucumber and lime, all which are set off by a tequila splash. The drink is just one of scores of drinks whose flavor is enhanced by using the drink muddler.

According to the Barvivo Company, one of the reasons the Barvivo Drink Muddler is so well-received is because of its innovative design. A representative for the company said the muddler is made so it will not scratch glassware or leave any unpleasant aftertaste in a drink like wood muddlers tend to do. The drink muddler offered by Barvivo is made of stainless steel and designed with a grooved head.

The Barvivo Company was established by Martin and Philip Sparsø, who are both two young entrepreneurs (21 and 26 years old). Both brothers have used their love of design and product development to establish a company whose primary purpose is to provide handy and innovative bar and drink accessories to the public at an affordable price.


Barvivo strives to provide customers with the best products to create memorable parties and get togethers with friends and family.