barvivo drink muddler lined up with citrus and lime

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While the drink muddler that is featured by Barvivo regularly receives rave reviews for its use in making standard drinks, such as a Whiskey Sour, the drink-mixing product is used for mixing veggie-type cocktails too. One of the recipes that makes use of the drink muddler is a mixed drink called a Tomatillo Maria, a special veggie libation that can be found on drink menus in pubs and cafes with a vegetarian or vegan theme.

A classic makeover of the Bloody Mary, the Tomatillo Maria is a Latin cocktail that is jam-packed with a medley of veggies including tomatillos, which are biological relatives of the tomato. The drink, however, exudes a vibrant green hue instead of the rust-colored tint created when making a Bloody Mary.

A Barvivo representative said that their drink muddler, which is featured, is an ideal bar accessory to use when mixing a Tomatillo Maria as the drink is made with a variety of ingredients, all which makes a muddler a necessary instrument.

The recipe for the drink calls for one pound of tomatillos, which have been husked and rinsed before chopping, a medium-sized cucumber that has been peeled and chopped and a jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped. Fresh lime juice from two limes, almost a cup of water, coarse salt, one cup chilled vodka, a tablespoon of sugar and a large dash of cayenne pepper round out the ingredients.

Bartenders who prepare the drink puree the ingredients in a blender before they chill the mix. The libation is refrigerated for two hours before it is served. When the drink is ready to be served, bartenders stir ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper and 2 teaspoons of coarse salt on a plate.

The rim of four cocktail glasses are then coated with the salt and cayenne pepper after they are dampened with a lime wedge. After the Tomatillo Maria mix is poured into ice-filled glasses, the Barvivo muddler is used to bring out the flavor the drinks. Barvivo says their drink muddler can also be used to muddle dips, such as guacamole, as well as sauces.

The Barvivo Company was established by Martin and Philip Sparsø, who are both two young entrepreneurs (21 and 26 years old). Both brothers have used their love of design and product development to establish a company whose primary purpose is to provide handy and innovative bar and drink accessories to the public at an affordable price.


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