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Brothers Martin and Philip Sparsø recently announced the introduction of their company’s Kickstarter campaign on the Kickstarter website. The brothers, who are the founders of Barvivo®, a bar accessory brand, have been receiving positive customer feedback for their recently launched products on Barvivo® features a Drink Muddler and Wine Opener currently on the website.

The Drink Muddler that is featured by the company, is made of a food-grade plastic head that has been grooved to protect glassware. The Muddler, which is primarily used for bringing out the flavor of mixed drinks, can also be used for muddling sauces and dips. Co-founder of the company, Martin Sparsø says that the Drink Muddler product is a highly successful seller on He said that the Prime Day sale that was recently held on the Amazon site was an especially successful venture for the company.

The Wine Opener, showcased by Barvivo®, is designed to open both wine and beer. The opener comes with a serrated foil cutter for removing the foil from wine bottles as well. According to the brothers, foodies particularly like the wine gadget and accessory. The company says that customers like taking the wine opener to various wine tastings and to pubs that feature a variety of ales and beers.

The funding that is requested for Barvivo® on the Kickstarter site will assist in meeting the current high demand for the products by the company’s customers. The brothers, who are self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, are also requesting funding to further develop their product line.

Philip Sparsø added, “Because of current economic concerns, we are relying on the Kickstarter website to assist us in securing the funding we need to keep our already successful venture up and running. We have most of our revenue tied up in inventory. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to secure the needed funds to meet customer demands and expand our line of products.

The Barvivo Company was established by Martin and Philip Sparsø, who are both two young entrepreneurs (21 and 26 years old). Both brothers have used their love of design and product development to establish a company whose primary purpose is to provide handy and innovative bar and drink accessories to the public at an affordable price.


Barvivo strives to provide customers with the best products to create memorable parties and get togethers with friends and family.