(Length: 1min 20sec)

Hi, my name is Martin and together with my brother, Philip, we started BARVIVO back in 2015.

It actually all started in our mom's basement… we had a shared dream, shared vision.
We want to help people create unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships basicly...

We were actually raised in a family with great manners and danish traditions and so on... because, yeah, manners simply matters you know.. They really do..

And that’s something we want to implement and show in our brand BARVIVO, it’s an important part of BARVIVO.. Yeah, exactly.. As you can see.

Actually the reason we make this video is simply because we want to thank you for subscribing to us, and within the next few weeks we’ll share some content and special offers through email, and perhaps some kind of explanation of “hygge”, or other danish traditions and stuff.

So for now we just want to say bye and as we say in Denmark - (have a good day) “Ha’ en god dag”..
So take care and bye for now. Bye.