(Length: 1:33min)

Hi there,

My brother and I just wanted to drop by to say Merry Christmas to you all.
Yeah, Merry Christmas... We truly hope you get a great Christmas with your friends and family, and you create some forgettable memories together. Yeah, without a doubt!

We're actually going to spend Christmas together with our family down south in Denmark. Uhm, I know Denmark isn't that big, haha, but we've a south and a north part of Denmark. So we're going down south... and we leave in 2 days and we really look forward to it. For some cozy times, hyggelig tid..
(we recorded it on the 20th of Dec, and kinda forgot it was to be send to you on the 25th of Dec... None the less we're together with our family right now!)

And we also want to thank you for an amazing year, because to us it has been absolutely amazing. We didn't expect all this support from you guys, so we just wanted to thank you so much for that. It's amazing. It's wonderful!

We really look forward to next year, it's gonna be amazing! Hopefully, haha!

So... For now we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas.. And one last thing... Will you do the honors? I'll do it.. Okay, so we'll extend the current sale we've on our page until New Years eve, so if you need a wine opener, cocktail shaker or whatever.. Now is the time.. Yeah, especially for New Years eve you know delicious cocktails.

So for now take care and Merry Christmas, and as we say in Denmark "Glædelig Jul".

Bye.. Merry Christmas from all of us at BARVIVO.