The Coasters

This coaster set contains a total of 8 coasters and the packaging is made of an eco-friendly material and can be used as a storage box for the coasters when they aren’t in use.

The coasters is made from top grade silicone which ensure a great table grip and make them 100% dishwasher safe. The bottom of the coasters have a special coating which make it shiny, however this is not for cosmetic reasons only but mainly because this coating ensures the high slip resistance.

The raised edge on the coaster is what ensures that the water from the condensing doesn’t spill out on your table top and ruin it.

Not only does the coasters function very well at home on your tabletops, but they are also excellent to use around your pool area, on your boat or when you’re outside enjoying the sun together with friends and family.

These coasters can be used to a lot of different things, they can be used as an alternative trivet because of the high heat resistance of the quality silicone or you can use them to open jar lids using the bottom of the coaster because of its high slip resistance.

Choose the highest quality today and enjoy your brand new coaster set from BARVIVO tomorrow.

“Your Choice Matters”

If you’ve any questions regarding the coasters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect for the boat

By Jimmy on February 8, 2016

My wife and I love to sail. Last year we spent 5 months on the sea and we have been looking for some coasters that would not slide around all the time. These coaster seems to be just perfect, they are not as light as cork coasters but neither as heavy as stone coasters and they have a great grip to the tabletops so they do not slide around. I’ve also tested them to see if they stick to the glass when there’s a lot of condensation on the coaster and the glasses doesn’t seems to stick to the glass, even though the surface is flat. The thing I love the most about these coasters is my grandchildren can’t tilt their glasses as easily as they used to, because there is a rim / border which blocks / hold the glasses, so it’s some way secured.
So a overall conclusion, these coasters are amazing and the best I’ve ever had for my boat. I might buy a few extra sets as gifts to those sailors we meet up with during our time on the sea, so take care because soon I buy so many it will make them run out of stock, hehe. Thanks for a great product and wonderful service, I’m a loyal customer to this brand from now on.

Keeps glass sturdy, LOVE these!!

By S. Johnson  TOP 500 REVIEWER  on February 20, 2016

These look high-end and fit pretty much any decor. They are thin and stack nicely. The glass doesn’t slide around, it holds it kind of secure where you set it. It gave me an idea, when I feed the cat his little bowls of soft food if I put one of these under the dish it doesn’t slide around the floor at all. The box design is amazing, it reminds me of Mad Men. Lovely!
My one dislike is that any dust or hair tends to stick to them since they are silicone.

I saw, I bought, I Enjoyed!

By Maxwell C. on February 22, 2016

It’s not my first time buying products from Barvivo and it’s a true pleasure to deal with their products and service.
Actually I wasn’t looking for new coasters, but when I saw Barvivos new collection I simply had to try these coasters out, normally I’m very sloppy about my tabletops but after I bought these I was surprised how easy it actually can be to take care of your tables.
Most of my friends already have one of the products from barvivo, but since this is a new part of their collection, I will be able to bring it as a hostess gift and even if they already have these coaster it won’t be a problem… Because you can never have too many coasters. (At least that’s my opinion now!)

PS. I saw a tip for using it for hot pans and pots in another review, Amazing!