The Barvivo Guide to Wine Accessories: Essential Wine Accessories for Sommeliers


Looking for the essential set of wine accessories? Whether you're on your way to becoming a sommelier or are looking for a wine accessories gift set, here are the four wine accessories any self-respecting wine lover can't go without.

Barvivo Wine Opener


A wine opener inspired by professional waiters and bartenders that anyone can use. It's always reliable, and it has everything you need to open any wine and beer bottle with ease.


The slick design and quality materials of the Barvivo Wine Opener make it a great addition to your home bar or wine bodega. Our favorite thing about it is the serrated foil cutter, which is long and rounded to make removing any wine bottle foil an easy job.


Barvivo Wine Aerator


Keeping a wine aerator handy is paramount for any wine enthusiast: it prevents the wine from dripping from the bottle and wasting precious drops of your expensive red when pouring.


But most importantly, it enhances the flavor and aroma of your wine through the aeration process. The results are very similar to those obtained through decantation, but only take a fraction of the time.


Red wine is the one you'll always want to aerate, but some white wines of different varieties, such as White Bordeaux or Alsatian wines, also benefit significantly from aeration. Some sweet wines will want aeration as well. This process is essential for any sommelier willing to put in the extra effort and be rewarded with superior tasting wine.


Barvivo Wine Pump


A wine pump is, essentially, a wine-preserving tool that sucks the air out of an open bottle of wine, preserving the quality of the drink intact for weeks. This means that you stop worrying about expensive, quality wine going to waste and that you can pour a fresh glass of wine any time you want.


Other benefits of the Barvivo Wine Pump include being reusable and long-lasting and being particularly easy to clean. Compared to other wine-preserving options, such as gas aerosols or simply recorking the bottle, a wine pump makes the list of one of the best wine accessories you can have in your home bar.


Barvivo Wine Stoppers


Unlike other wine stoppers, which only act as a decorative cork replacement, the Barvivo Wine Stoppers are a manual pump that will let you extract the oxygen out of an open bottle of wine to create a preserving vacuum.


They fit almost every bottle of wine sold worldwide and even though they don't offer much in terms of looks as their decorative counterparts, they make up for it in function and efficiency, operating just on a manual pump without any power needed.


After all, who wouldn't want to add up to a week of life to their expensive wine just by preserving it the correct way? That's exactly what these wine stoppers can offer you.