The Barvivo Black Friday 2021 Premium Deals Your Inner Barman Needs To Check Right Now

With the punctuality of a swiss clock comes Black Friday, that time of the year when you're able to pick up those bar gadgets you’ve been dreaming of right before the festivities season kicks off.

Be the perfect host with this hand-picked selection of premium deals on Barvivo products, that will fill the next celebration at your place with memorable moments. Treat your guests to a specialty coffee, a glamorous cocktail from the jazz era, or the perfectly served wine you have been saving up for this special occasion. Make it happen with this Black Friday 2021 exclusive 25% discount on Barvivo's stellar products:

Wine Aerator and Wine Saver Pump


First of all, let's talk red wine. The star of every special occasion with a lover and every perfect dinner with friends and family. For these moments that make life worth living, isn't it worth it too to serve just the right wine, in just the right way?

You probably already know the basics: removing the cork like a professional, pouring it into the glass, and letting the wine open up, that is, allowing it to aerate. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile and add a proper wine aerator to the process, you will be rewarded with a superior mouthfeel that you might have never tasted before.

A wine aerator is exactly what you need to turn even an average bottle into a superb, lush wine. The way a wine aerator works is by accelerating the oxidation and evaporation process, reducing the tannins in the wine for a mellower, developed taste. 

This Barvivo Wine Aerator and Wine Saver Pump with 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers is a complete set with a 25% discount that will let you serve a perfect wine and conserve its delicate flavors after it is open. An essential for any self-respecting sommelier.

How does a wine saver pump work? Its mechanism eliminates the air inside the bottle, preventing the wine from oxidizing and letting you enjoy its taste like it was freshly uncorked even after several days.

Additionally, the Barvivo Vacuum Bottle Stoppers are the best way to reseal your open bottles of wine. A simple solution, easy to clean, and always ready to use.

Professional Waiter's Corkscrew (4 different models)


Speaking of being always ready for the occasion, the Barvivo Professional Waiter's Corkscrew is the sommelier's best friend and trusty companion. A sharp tool made to uncork even the most delicate bottles of wine with absolute confidence, at an unbeatable Black Friday 2021 price.

Whether as a perfect addition to your set of home gadgets, or as an exquisite gift for a wine-loving friend, this professional corkscrew is perhaps the best deal on this list, and a product you will always be glad of having at hand. Say goodbye to ruined bottles of wine due to crumbled corks with its double corkscrew, and experience a smooth pull with its custom design mechanics.

Available in four different models with handle finishes of natural rosewood or black resin, make sure to pick up the one that better fits the rest of your home bar for a professional look. Made to last, the Barvivo Professional Corkscrew offers a great feel thanks to its stainless steel body and will change the way you open a wine bottle.

Professional Cocktail Shaker Set


All of yesterday's parties could not have happened if it weren't for the barman behind the bar, mixing and shaking an era-defining cocktail. For all we know, even 'The Great Gatsby' would not have been written if it were not for the gin rickey, F. Scott Fitzgerald's drink of choice. Now it's your turn to set the mood with a classy cocktail and party like it's 1922 with Barvivo's Professional Cocktail Shaker Set.

Martini, Daiquiri, Margarita, or a sharp Gin and Tonic, are just the essentials of an endless amount of possibilities that open up when you get yourself this cocktail shaker. The set includes an elegant brushed stainless steel 24oz / 70cl cocktail shaker, liquor speed pourers, and a double jigger for exact booze measurements. 

Gather your friends and treat them to a tasty drink, much cheaper than the ones served at the club, and even more so with this cocktail shaker Black Friday deal you can snag right now, with a price as low as it gets.

Set of Coasters (5 different colors) 


And with every perfect drink, comes a perfect coaster to rest it on. Barvivo is also offering a Black Friday sale on this best-selling product, which is just the ideal complement to any beverage worth drinking.

Available in five different colors, the Barvivo Drink Coasters are a stylish essential that fit any drinking glass size and offer protection to all kinds of surfaces. You can choose between this option and the Barvivo Drink Coasters with Holder. Any of them are fit for both unique moments and everyday life, to handle hot drinks, jars, and even hot pans. Both come at a special 25% off Black Friday price.

Made of premium silicone, these slick coasters are slip-resistant, making it impossible for anyone to accidentally drop their drink and ruin the night. If you have a coffee table worth protecting, these coasters are a must. The easiest way to ensure a perfect evening!

All these products will evoke the nostalgia of simpler times with authentically old-school-inspired designs and look great on any home bar counter. Plus, they will make you feel like a professional barista or sommelier, at an exclusive Black Friday price... what better time than this to take your home bar game to the next level?

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