12 Best Tips For Making The Perfect Cocktail


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Have you tried to impress your friends with your cocktails, but haven’t really achieved the right WOOOW! yet?
We at BARVIVO have gathered 12 tips to make you stand out when it’s time to show off your cocktail skills. With these 12 tips you’ll be available to create cocktails like your favorite bar and never again have to deal with common cocktail mistakes.”

Making a great cocktail is just like cooking, once you’ve learned the tricks it is easy to make a recipe perfectly every time.

The 12 tips for the perfect cocktail

Table of content

  • Good quality liquor
  • Combine spirits
  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Garnish is important
  • The temperatur matters
  • Don’t forget to measure
  • Lemon or lime?
  • Sugar is important
  • Squeeze the Juice
  • When to shake
  • Soda matters
  • Ice matters

Good quality liquor

The differences between spirits is significant, the prices often mislead us and we end up buying expensive liquor with an awful taste. The best thing to do is to go for the mid range priced liquors, because the low priced alcohol often don’t cooperate very well with the rest of the ingredients to the cocktail, while the expensive liquor doesn’t always live up to your expectations compared to the price.

Combine spirits

When using similar spirits in your cocktail, you will need an equal amount of each. (For an example; With Bourbon and rum, you’ve to equal the amount.)
The problem appears when combining spirits with different flavour profiles, when combining two different spirits go for an ounce and a half of the weakest and a half ounce of the strongest liquor.

Fresh ingredients

You can’t afford to be lazy when creating the perfect cocktail. Most people buy bottles of juices(Lemon, Lime, etc), limp herbs or already sliced fruits for their cocktails, but if you spend 10 more minutes hand picking fresh ingredients and spend 5 more minutes using the fresh ingredients when creating your cocktail, I promise you the result compared to the lazy version will be dramatic!

This goes for garnishes too, the strawberry or orange slice at the top of the glass needs to be fresh and appetizing, it’s a part of the experience of a great cocktail.

Garnish is important

It might not seem like a big deal when you’re at the store to buy strawberries, oranges, mint leaves and other amazing garnish. But when you’re adding fabulous garnish to your cocktail, you’ll make sure your guests eyes and stomach will scream “Great cocktail ahead!”.

The temperature matters

Before serving your cocktail you want the glass to be cold to maintain the cocktail cold. Placing the glass in the freezer for 10-30 minutes is the best and easiest way to do it, but if you’re in a hurry adding some ice cold soda to your cocktail glass while creating the cocktail and when you’re ready to pour up the cocktail, pour the soda into the sink and your glass will be ready.
This will not give the exact same effect as the freezer but it works well..

Don’t forget to measure

It looks great when a bartender does the free pouring, right? But how many cocktails have you made today, or at least how many drinks have you had today…?
Do you think you can “eyeball” one ounce exactly? If yes, go ahead and let us know how it went.
There are cocktail recipes for a reason, the correct measurements are the most important factor in creating great cocktails. Invest in a jigger so that you won’t be tempted to skip this step.

Lime or lemon

A good rule of thumb is to use lemons when you’re using brown liquors and lime when you’re using white liquors. There’s a lot of details regarding when to use lemon and when to use lime, but to create a great cocktail it’s not the biggest game changer..

Sugar is important

Most people forget sugar when creating cocktails and end up making drinks which isn’t sweet enough. So adding a small amount of sugar can change it all, but of course taste it before you start adding sugar! (Use for an example a straw, place it in the drink, place the thumb on the end and create a pressure, pull it up from the drink and taste it.)

A great little tip is if you want to create a sweet cocktail, add some sugar to the edges of the glass.

Squeeze the juice

Most drinks contains either herbs, fruits or both and adding them without squeezing them will leave you with less flavour than hoping for and you’ll be back to the start. Get your hands on a great Drink muddler from BARVIVO and you’ll not have to worry about it any longer.
There’s a few tips regarding squeezing.
You always start off with squeezing before you start creating your cocktail, and it’s best to add a little ice while squeezing.
When squeezing herbs you only want to squeeze them till you can smell the flavour if you squeeze it too long you’ll get the oils out of the herbs and that’ll bring a bitter taste.
When squeezing fruits you want to squeeze 3-4 times to get the most of the juices out and keep the fruit intact.

When to shake

Some cocktails needs to be shaken till there is bubbles everywhere. Citrus drinks are often like this, other drinks such as Manhattan cocktail like to be stirred so that it is strong and flavourful. A good rule of thumb is to follow the recipe, most often they mention when you’ve to shake and if they don’t follow this tip.
Tip: Shake when your cocktail include fruit, juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix, egg, dairy or any other thick or flavourful mixers.

Soda matters

Just as the liquors there are all kind of different sodas and you don’t want to choose the cheapest one when you’ve just bought a mid range liquor bottle. Because even though you might think the liquor is the most important, it’s not. It’s the combining of all the ingredients, so go for a great soda and not the cheapest, you don’t want to ruin a great cocktail because you wanted to save 2 dollars.

Ice matters

To many underestimate the power of ice, most people believe ice is ice, whether it’s 1 day old or 2 weeks old. Look at it this way, would you like to drink 2 weeks old water? I guess you’ve understood my point.
So like your ingredients, keep your ice fresh and a little tip; Using distilled water can help you create crystal clear ice cubes!

We hope these 12 tips for creating the perfect cocktail will lead you in the right direction.

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